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Today were headed for Cinque Terre, one of Italy’s beacons of pastel colored beauty and picture perfect magnificence.

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Image by Jasmin Sessler @ Pixabay

The name Cinque Terre means five lands in Italian. It consists of five small fishing villages off the rugged Mediterranean coastline of what is famously known as the Leguria Region or the Italian Riviera. This is the crescent-shaped northwestern coast of Italy that sits adjacent to the French Riviera, and also known as the birthplace of pesto. Cinque Terre sits at the eastern end of the Italian Riviera. The five villages are Monteroso al Marre, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiorre.

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Image by Michael Liao @ Unsplash

All five villages are unique in their own way and equally beautiful. They’re all known for their adorable clusters of pastel colored homes cascading down the cliffs of the area’s mountainous terrain.

From the villages you have access to beautiful Mediterranean beaches and an unlimited number of locations with gorgeous panoramic views of pristine blue waters.

Note that the village of Corniglia does not have beach access as this entire village is perched high on a hilltop. However, it will give you one of the best views in the area. So Corniglia is still not one to skip.

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Image by djedj @ Pixabay

The easiest way to get to all of the Cinque Terre villages is by train, which you can catch in Genoa, Pisa, or Rome. The train will give you magnificent views a sit makes its way along the oceans edge into each village. You can also ferry your way in from Genoa, Portofino, or Porto Vanere during the spring and summer months.

Driving or biking in is not recommended, due to the steep streets, stairs and the rugged hillsides. The villages have managed to preserve their old-world feel up into the 21st century and would like to keep it that way. Therefore cars are banned from all of the villages and if driving in, you will have to leave your car at the train station.

Be prepared to do a lot of walking in Cinque Terre, as it’s a walker’s paradise. Because of the rugged terrain, your feet will be the most ideal form of transportation. You’ll be singing and walking!

And speaking of walking, the area is well-known for its hiking trails. There is a main trail along the sea giving you impeccable views of vineyards, olive groves, citrus orchards, and of course, the ocean. Note that there are different levels of trekking difficulty depending on the area, and sometimes some portions of the trail are closed for maintenance. So always check with the tourist bureau to see which parts are open for walking.

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Photo by Dallin Holding on Unsplash

For those who don’t care much for hiking or how prefer quicker access to the 5 villages, have no fear! The trains and buses can take you from one village to the next in 5-10 minutes time. All-inclusive all-day passes can be purchased with the tourist bureau. they include access to trains, buses, museums, toilets, trails, and public wi-fi.

Yes, in Cinque Terre, everything is going to cost you money, even access to some of the beaches.

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Image by Alev Takil @ Unsplash

Cinque Terre is a Unesco World Heritage site which boasts an alluring, laid-back lifestyle. It’s a little corner of the world where you can enjoy azure beaches, among a charming old-world atmosphere while surrounded by beautiful nature and amazing color!

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