Hello again to my fellow qwirk and color lovers! Located in Pittsburgh’s North Side, is an off-the-wall garden museum featuring a collection of zany wall murals and a cluster of reclaimed creations brimming with color and personality. The place we are talking about is none other than Randyland, otherwise known as “the most painted house... Continue Reading →

Cinque Terre

Hello again to all my fellow qwirk and color lovers! Today we're headed for Cinque Terre, one of Italy's beacons of pastel-colored beauty and picture-perfect magnificence. The name Cinque Terre means "five lands" in Italian. It consists of five small fishing villages off the rugged Mediterranean coastline of what is famously known as the Liguria... Continue Reading →

Neal’s Yard

Hello to all my fellow color lovers and Qwirksters! Thanks for joining me on another escapade today! For those of you planning a future trip to London, and looking for a place that you can feel at home among amazing color, I highly recommend checking out the adorable Neal's Yard, a quiet little place in... Continue Reading →

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