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As the weeks went on she had settled in
To the brightest place she had ever been
The paths made of brown and grey colored stones
The buildings all white with bright aqua domes
To top it all off, we’ll add to the scene
The sight of a tame and kind docile being
A joyous encounter with this gentle mule
Reminding of one from a trip back in school
A half-breed he was, not close to purebred
He smiled as she gave him a pat on the head
She spent her last day riding on her new friend
And that’s how I think her vacation should end.
Outside it was such a beautiful sight
Of so many colors. Oh what a delight!
Blue waters so calm, the sun shone for hours.
The sky a soft hue, beyond the pink flowers.
She smiled and stopped just to relish it all.
So happy that life had answered her call.
She wondered just what the day had in store?
A chat with the locals? A walk on shore?
It didn’t quite matter. She was open to things
That showed a new way, which life always brings.
It was the sweet singing that made her aware
That a bird had perched on top of her hair.
This was the small sign that she needed to know.
That all was in order and she was in the flow.
Some magnificent memories were about to blossom.
For she knew that Greece was bound to be awesome!
Know thyself and know where you’re headed.
The ice would glisten like silver-white metal.
Upon her hometown, the winter had settled.
The old dirty snow was not marshmallow fluff.
It was just that time when she’d had enough.
Since winter at home was no longer so kind,
A warm pleasant place she would set out to find.
She scoured the web all through the night,
To book round trip tickets and go on a flight.
The place that she chose would be sunny and bright,
With flowers that bloomed with cheer and delight.
Greece, she realized was calling her name!
A place she adored and knew wasn’t lame.
Today she heads out to the main launching site.
The airport is where she will wait for her flight.
Her luggage was plum, all patterned, and packed,
With green dress to match, but it wasn’t exact!
She welcomed the growth that all this would bring.
New sights and new lessons to learn until Spring!
She jumped up in bed to look at the clock.
“It cannot be 2!”, she exclaimed in a shock!
How this was her warning.
She’d slept through the morning,
More rest was her need. She couldn’t stop yawning.
Outside she could see was a cold snowy day.
She chose to relax and inside she would stay.
The rest of the day, she would stay in her bed.
And catch up on books that she hadn’t read.
Hot cocoa she made,
With whipped cream to aid,
And to her surprise it was something she craved.
What socks she wore all snug on her toes!
With pattern so qwirky, for surely she knows!
What art that shone on the walls to see!
With dots to match her socks to a T!
Pink tulips beside her,
Hot cocoa inside her,
All comfy and cozy, this couldn’t be nicer!
She relished and savored this special event.
A day spent in bed, is a day well spent!
’Twas the eve of Christmas she went through the city.
Not a store was left open and this made her giddy.
The shopping and frenzy are all in the past.
The crowds have all gone, at long and at last!
She waited forever for this night to be.
A night when she’d step on the ice and be free!
No noise, no rush, just silence all around.
The handful of people made hardly no sound.
The venue at hand was PPG Place.
Tonight she would skate at her very own pace.
With pink winter gear, it was such a sight!
She skated in peace amongst the bright lights.
A magical night it would be, no doubt
Cause peace is what Christmas was all about. 
She spoke out a blessing with all of her might.
“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”
The house awaited her return with glee. 
It was a time for a holiday spree! 
At this time of year, as Christmas was near, 
She’d decorate with all of her holiday cheer.
The reds and the greens all spoke in a way 
That made her feel all merry with play.
She loved all the sparkle, the tinsel, and shine, 
The heartwarming smells of balsam and pine. 
The snowballs and snowflakes, both cold to the touch. 
But this was a time it didn’t bother her much.
In fact, she had built a great snowman today. 
It would be sometime ’til he melted away. 
Next month she will dream of a brand new excursion. 
But now she will stick with her Christmas immersion.
She vowed to enjoy the early cold season,
For Christmas is always a good enough reason!
What we permit is what we promote.
What we allow is what we encourage.
What is OK is what will continue.
What we condone is what we will own.
People will treat us how we allow them to treat us.
Examine what you tolerate.
Her bags were purple, pink, and packed. She was ready to go and she waited patiently for her ride to the airport. She would miss the Florida coastline, with it’s blue-green waters, the warm tropical weather, and all the abundance it had to offer. She did not look forward to facing the bitter cold winter that had already settled in the north. Nevertheless, she had to move on. Her mission here was done and her home awaited for her return. This was where she’d left her heart and she was excited to roll up her sleeves and pick up from where she had left off. After all Pittsburgh offered an abundance of many other things that Florida could not. She began making a mental list of all the things she wanted to do upon her return.  
She was so lost in thought, that she failed to see the alligator creeping up towards her. She noticed him only after he stood there staring up at her for 5 minutes or so, waiting for her attention. “Be nice”, she scolded at the big crusty animal. “And keep it moving. Your snappy snout is not welcome here!”  Unmoved, she returned back to her thoughts and resumed with #9 on her list. 
The alligator shrugged and simply crept along in search of someone else to bug. There was no way he would be able to bother this one, he thought, as she wouldn’t entertain him. 
She smiled and happily headed towards her taxi.  Silly alligator, she thought. There was too much to look forward to and in no way would she allow him to ruin her plans.
Before she left, there was one last thing she needed to do! And so to finally appease her senses (and her curiosity), she dove right into the turquoise blue waters and made her way deep down into a colorful netherworld. 
The water was warm and welcoming, the wildlife engaging and full of pizzazz!  This new world, with all of its unusual sights had her fully immersed in no time as she traveled through splashes and showcases of magnificent color.  A pageant of stylish creatures sashayed past her as she swam past spectacles of happy, sassy plant life. The trend here was neon greens, electric blues, bright pinks, vivid oranges, wild stripes, and preposterous polka dots. 
She looked all around, but the fashion police was nowhere to be found. After all, this remarkable environment was not their turf and it seemed the inhabitants lived by a completely different set of rules. 
And so she wondered who was responsible for setting the trends in this wacky place?  Could aliens have landed ages ago and pimped up the place with their laser-precise paintbrushes? Could it be the great mermen and mermaids in the stories of long ago? Or perhaps nature just wanted to have some fun? Whoever it was, they definitely had delirious a sense of color, a fierce sense of fashion, and a great sense of humor!
It was in the earliest hours of the morning that she made her way down the path.  Her morning strolls consisted of walks  through parks, beaches, forests, as well as the pretty little manicured streets with gobs of flowers bursting from pots, windows, bushes, and well-maintained beds. She loved the silence that came with her unions with nature and looked forward to that time of day.  
It’s no wonder she was startled when she heard the voice singing! She followed the sounds and found a wee little man in a very small clearing, with scissors in hand and happily shearing. He sought after greens from the tree that loomed over and motioned for her to come right on over.  He gave her a short lesson of a tree called moringa, and quietly proclaimed his secret obsession. “This tree”, he told her, “gives power and life. It quickly snuffs out all senses of strife. The leaves themselves will jumpstart your day and heal your body in every way.” He reached deep into his blue denim pockets, and out came a bag of bright green powder with seeds in a packet. “Take these”, he said. “I brought them for you. They come from moringa, the tree that mends and makes miracles too.” She promised to grow the seeds when she got home and thanked him in earnest for such a kind gesture. The sense of her morning just took a new tone, cause now she was anxious to try this elixir!
She added the finishing touches to her wall.  It was now complete.  She stepped back to see how it all looked. Yes, she was satisfied.  Out of all the walls she had painted in the last few weeks, this was certainly her most favorite! Waves of color mesmerized and raised her into higher levels of consciousness. She hoped others would be just as enthralled and smitten by her image. With the fullest power of her entire being, she  invoked these words of joy and love into her new painting. “Let this wall bring hurdles of joy and bundles of bliss to all those who lay their eyes upon it, and let the chips fall where they may!”
And so it is done!
Do what you love and you never have to work another day in your life!
It had been some weeks since arriving at her temporary home in this new tropical city. She had gotten used to the heat and humidity that came along with this climate. She had gotten used to the lush green flora and the fauna teeming with life here. A more laid-back lifestyle introduced itself and she was tickled pink as she enjoyed listening to the smooth, southern drawl of the locals. Her project here involved a collaboration of many talents from all over the world working together to beautify the city walls. Her work kept her busy painting, traveling all throughout the city, and painting some more! But can she call it work when she gets to do exactly what she loves all day, every day? 
She was grateful for this project. It built her repertoire quite nicely. It also gave her the opportunity to meet many like-minded weirdos and wackadoos, many who had her in stitches the entire time, and many she knew would remain in her life way past the duration of this project. However, she missed the life she had created in Pittsburgh and looked forward to when she could return and pick up from where she left off. In the meantime, she resolved to enjoy this long tropical vacation and her new home away from home. Never in her life, did she think she could be so happy. 
She laughed to herself as she thought of a time not too long ago when all was so terribly serious and how she had been so naive and fallen prey to that illusion.
The call came in. One could hear the seagulls off in the distance. It was a woman asking her if she could fly south to a tropical town to help with a big wall project. This work would take quite a few months to complete but her stay would be well accommodated. She accepted the offer and off she went! She was excited and sat at the edge of her seat in anticipation of what more the universe had in store. Another gift, another opportunity, and another new adventure awaited!
Velvet drapes, the color of grapes?
Yes. It’s true. Funky vases too!
Upon pink walls the music falls.
With purple rug, this was her drug!
Topped with blues and so many hues.
The living room shone in all the right tones.
It all came together, looking better than ever.
So she did little a dance all around her plants.
She couldn’t contain her joy. No restrain.
For perfection awaits for her tiny estate!
The package she awaited for finally arrived! She quickly opened it to reveal its colorful contents. There was nothing more moving and more beautiful than what she discovered inside and she was extremely satisfied!
As a wall designer this was the perfect representation for what she did best. Her new business card and flyer listed all that she specialized in so there would be no confusion.
She spent the next hour or so admiring and poring over the new literature while sipping a warm and insanely green cup of matcha latte. She was ready to embark on her new business journey and this was cause for a celebration!
Always multiply your talents and gifts.
The gift from Evalina proved to be quite fruitful. She now had an abundance of purple beet brownies. Luckily, beets were one of her most favorite foods in the entire world! So no worries!
For days, she made beautifully decadent beet parfaits and healthy purple brownie shakes. In the morning, she would sprinkle her oatmeal with purple crumbles. And at night, warm brownie pudding was all she needed to end her day on a purple note.
From the start, she knew she’d make the best out of the entire batch.
There was a knock at the door. Who could it possibly be?  She wasn’t expecting anyone?
She calmly opened the doors.  There stood an elderly lady holding a plate of purple baked goods.  She looked to be about 80… possibly 90. One could never quite tell… She wore the most fanciful hat and a funky outfit of purple and blue and had the brightest green eyes anyone ever did see! Her smile was contagious and fit for a queen.  All the while, the twinkle in her eyes shone for the world to see.
“Hello. I am Evalina from next door”, greeted the old lady.  She had the slightest French and German accent.  “My apologies for not coming by any sooner, but I’ve been caught up training for the next annual marathon. I finally got a chance to stay home today, so I thought I’d bake you these purple chewy-gooey choco-chip beet brownies! The beets came straight from my garden.  Welcome to the neighborhood, my dear!” Evalina then planted a kiss on her new neighbor’s cheek.
Thanking Evalina for her kindness was the least one could do.  She bid the old woman to come in for some tea and conversation. Both ladies sat at the kitchen table and talked away into the afternoon, while enjoying their purple beet brownies paired with warm chai tea. It was the start of a beautiful new friendship!
The new home studio was coming together. It was the first room she dedicated to finish. There she would brainstorm to create the ideal career she’d always wanted.
A new job was not what she wanted. She’d been there, done that. She loved art and she loved design. She knew somewhere out there someone would love her vision. She rounded up a few ideas and put a small business plan together.  Her business plan consisted of all that she liked to do. She would no longer bury her talents. She was on a mission to share her vision and spread her joy. She was on a mission to beautify the world!
This was the first time she walked through this vast city park. It was odd to be surrounded by so much nature while still being within city limits. Could there really be such a thing?  She could get used to this!
Oh, how she loved Frick Park!
All throughout were extensive trails, steep valleys, and wooded slopes. The tranquility of the walk, the immensity of these mighty trees, and the energy of protection emanating from the forest made all her cares and worries seem so insignificant. It never failed. Nature always had a way of putting things in perspective!
For hours, she was lost in this enchanted forest and she could not care to be found.
Mother Nature already has it all figured out. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel.
The fridge was empty. It required her usual stockpile of goodies. The take-out she lived on for the past few days was getting tiresome. She  needed her staple fruits and veggies before she withered away! She stopped putting it off and finally made time to grocery shop.  It was a fun task but she always made sure she went fully prepared. She armed herself with a list and went at a time she was not particularly hungry. Otherwise, those pesky treats would call out to her and they would have their way. This time she made sure they would not hold court in her kitchen!
A stroll around the neighborhood was the call of the hour. What sights and sounds waited to be discovered? What yummy surprises waited to be devoured? She put on her walking shoes and headed out to acquaint herself with a charming new community!
The fun is in the unfolding. The fun is in the process!
She had her work cut out for her. There was so much to do. How would she ever get out from underneath all of the boxes, the cleaning, painting, decorating, and gardening? She wanted to start her new life in this new city as soon as possible, but felt held back and overwhelmed by all of the housework tugging at her.
“If I only had some help”, she sighed. But help was nowhere to be found.
After meditating long and hard, she heard an inner voice state “Rome was not built in a day. Through your patience more beauty will unfold.”  She would simply have to take it one day at a time, one project at a time.
She felt the anxiety leaving her to be replaced by a strong sense of calm and purpose. She had a vision and it would fruition. The  fun was in the unfolding. The fun lied in the process. She relaxed and began to enjoy the ride.
The house waited for her arrival. It stood there as it always had for the past 100 years, but it sensed something gleeful was about to happen with this new resident. It was a modest two-story brick house on a medium sized plot in an area called Regent Square. Large enough for all her needs and small enough to not get overwhelmed. What she loved the most about it was the blank slate that it provided. Its former residents had taken good care, but left much to be embellished. Oh what visions she already had for this beauty. She saw colors. Lots of color. She saw flowers. Lots of flowers. She could not wait to roll up her sleeves and get started.
“Oh, what fun this will be!”, she exclaimed. “This will be my labor of love. This will be my masterpiece!”
You always have a choice of whether to succumb to your current situation or to create change. There is always an alternative!
Life had come to a standstill and change was nowhere near.  A new way of life was calling her. It left numerous messages on her internal voicemail, which for a while she chose to ignore. Earlier messages started out as small whispers, but at this point, they had turned into full-blown, loud and lengthy shouting fits that she could no longer ignore.  A new way of life was calling again.  She finally chose to answer the call.
She knew she had to stop the endless cycle. And so she began to create her own changes.  For starters, she had to move away.  It was a love-hate relationship she had with this big city.  At times it inspired her.  At times it wore her down. Right now all she knew was she had to leave. She knew she’d be back, as this was her post.  But for now challenge and change were both so necessary.  She packed a few things and made her way down to the smaller city.
A new way of life had called.  And she finally chose to call back! It was time for another one of her bold, friendly, and deep conversations with life.


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