Colorific Credenzas

Life is like a rainbow. You need both rain and sun to make its colors appear. ~Unknown CREDENZA – Lanky Stems Plum by Qwirky Wirks – Society6 CREDENZA – Color Slice by Elisabeth Frederiksson – Society6 CREDENZA – Pink Skies by Qwirky Wirks – Society6 CREDENZA – Zigster by Qwirky Wirks – Society6 CREDENZA –... Continue Reading →

Frenchie Dreams

A bedroom designed with the world's best Frenchie parents in mind. CANVAS ART (L) - Mikado by Tracie Andrews - Society6 CANVAS ART (R) - Aurelia by Tracie Andrews - Society6 TABLE LAMPS - Soft Shades of Golden Orange by Thunes Design - Zazzle SIDE TABLES - Mudcloth Big Arrows by Becky Bailey - Society6... Continue Reading →

The Art Gallery

Art is the marriage of the conscious and the unconscious.   -Jean Cocteau FRAMED WALL ART - Champ by The Printed Sparrow – Society6 FRAMED WALL ART - Feel Free 80s Pop Art by Wacka – Society6 FRAMED WALL ART - Colorful Stripes 1 by Mareike Bohmer – Society6 FRAMED WALL ART - Mid Century Modern... Continue Reading →

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