Bonkers For Blue

No water, no life. No blue, no green.   -Sylvia Earle ITEMS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: 1. BACKPACK - Evil Eye Talisman by Laura Beth Love - Society6 2. FRAMED ART - The Happiest Flowers by moderntropical - Society6 3. WALL CLOCK - Night Bird by Christian Schloe - Society6 4. RECTANGULAR PILLOW - Waves by EloiseArt... Continue Reading →

Mondrian Mania

Top 3 Things We Can Learn From Mondrian 1. Perseverance pays off. Never give up until you find your calling. It took Mondrian almost an entire lifetime to develop a style that was a perfect reflection of who he was and felt right. 2. Things are not always as easy as they seem. Though Mondrian’s... Continue Reading →

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